MA Masonry & Paving has been meeting the growing need of individuals who are in search of reliable basement waterproofing & foundation crack repairs and/or a solution for their basement water leaks. Whether these foundation cracks / water leaks were the result of normal shrinkage cracks, hydrostatic pressure, blasting, soil settlement, or even buried debris, our proprietary method provides foundation crack repair services that are beyond compare. In fact, we not only repair your existing cracks, but also helps prevent future ones!

  • Concrete Wall Cracks
  • Concrete Floor Cracks
  • Pipe Penetrations
  • Bulkhead Waterproofing
  • Floor/Wall Seam Repair
  • Tie Rods
  • Stone Foundations
  • Block Foundation Crack Repair
  • Lally Column Replacement
  • Cold Joint Repair
  • Sump Pump
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Basement & Crawl Space Dehumidifier
  • Garage Floor Resurfacing and Repair
  • Concrete Steps Repair
  • Concrete Walkway Repairs
  • Foundation Wall Pipe Leaks

In the New England area, there have been plenty of issues surrounding faulty foundations and it has been something which has affected many family homes. It is important to be able to maintain your foundations as best you can and to prevent such issues happening to you, it is essential to know who to call for foundation repairs. We are able to provide quality repair work using modern technologies.

Also very important to the soundness of your home but often overlooked, your basement is an important part of supporting your home. It is another space which needs to be maintained and the best way to do this is by ensuring it against the negative effects of water damage. Through our basement waterproofing, we will be able to protect your basement and foundations from the degradation caused by rain and water. Sealing your basement could be one of the wisest choices you make in preventing potential damage to your home.

We Have More Than 12 Years Of Experience

With multiple crews and 12 years of experience. We can handle any paving job large or small. We have and will pave anything from new asphalt, new paving, resurfacing, patching and repairs, standard parking lots driveways, and seal coating. .